Avnet Abacus has boosted its stock of standard connector application tooling products from Molex and TE Connectivity (TE), and can offer a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of one piece on all application tooling from both manufacturers with lead times of typically less than two weeks.

This new offering from Avnet Abacus on a wide range of tooling for wire harness and PCB manufacturing, together with a reduced MOQ equivalent to the manufacturers’ smallest pack size on approximately 85,000 Molex parts and 220,000 TE parts, provides customers with the flexibility to source virtually all of their interconnect requirements from Avnet Abacus.

The application tooling products from Molex and TE are designed to provide high quality equipment options for all levels of connector specifications, and span a vast range of tooling from hand tools to high-volume fully automated systems. Manually operated equipment, including hand-crimp, hydraulic, battery and pneumatic powered tools, is the most popular and cost efficient alternative for prototyping, field repair and limited production volume. Semi-automatic equipment, such as industry standard bench top crimp presses, enhance output levels over manual tools, thus providing more production flexibility, while fully automated equipment further improves output and offers more adjustability.

“Engineers using TE Connectivity and Molex parts in their designs can now source their entire interconnect needs from Avnet Abacus, including smaller quantities for prototyping, matching application tooling, and full volume production orders,” said Hagen Goetze (pictured), European Marketing Manager at Avnet Abacus. “This is an important enhancement to our service and will save customers significant amounts of time and money throughout the development and production stages of a project.”


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