Avnet Abacus has received the award for ‘Best Distributor for the Central Region 2018’ from Omron.

“Since first engaging with Omron about five years ago, we have enjoyed increasing success across Europe, and most notably in the Central Europe region,” said Alan Jermyn, Vice President of Marketing at Avnet Abacus. “While Omron is world renowned for its portfolio of relays and switches, we see major opportunities for its growing range of highly innovative sensor products, especially in fast-growing building automation and industrial IoT markets and applications.”

Omron’s distribution awards are based upon a wide range of criteria including: sales growth by both value and percentage with respect to the previous year; number of customer visits performed jointly, including both Omron and the respective distributor; number of sales quotes and resulting conversion ratio; increase in market share over the entire distribution network; new design projects approved by Omron; and finally, marketing communications activities carried out by distributor.

“We have been most impressed with Avnet Abacus, and especially their operations and volume of sales growth generated for Omron technologies in key European markets such as Germany and the Central Region overall,” said Hafeez Najumudeen, European Distribution Manager at Omron. “We are looking forward to a continued and even deeper collaboration on new opportunities – from initial design to logistical support – during the coming months and years.”

Hands on the prize: l to r; Koji Tokuda, CEO, Omron, Giovanna Monari, Senior Product Manager E-Mech, Avnet Abacus,
Rudy Van Parijs, President, Avnet Abacus


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