Percepio has named Phaedrus Systems as its official reseller in the UK for the company’s Tracealyzer software tools.

Tracealyzer is a family of highly visual diagnostics tools for embedded and Linux-based software that lets you look inside the runtime system in a new way. There are more than 20 high-level views that complement a debugger’s perspective. It works with a wide range of RTOS and other operating systems and the software recorder that attaches to the OS is so lightweight that in can remain in the field deployed system for future fault-finding.

Dr. Johan Kraft, Percepio CEO and founder, commented, “To enter the British market we were looking for a partner that had a deep understanding of system development and the skills needed to help users integrate new tools into their process. Phaedrus was the obvious choice.”

“Tracealyzer provides a whole new way to understand a system when it is actually running, building on debugging earlier in the process cycle,” explained Chris Hills, CTO of Phaedrus Systems. “As well as working with a wide range of operating systems, it also has an integration with Micrium’s μC/OS, another recent member of our portfolio.”


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