Avnet Abacus has won TDK’s European Distribution Award in Gold in the international volume distribution category. This marks the second year in a row that Avnet Abacus has been recognised by TDK.

“It is a real honour to win the Gold Award for the second year in a row,” said Alan Jermyn, VP Marketing at Avnet Abacus. “In addition to achieving substantial year-on-year sales growth across the TDK product range, this award makes it clear that we have outperformed our competition across all elements of our engagement with TDK, based upon award criteria that are very clearly defined and consistent for all distributors. Our next and ongoing challenge is to recognise that despite our very high score, we must strive to improve and win for a third successive year.”

TDK uses the Senten Manten system to assess distributors on their levels of performance and collaboration with the manufacturer across four categories: business performance; inventory management; contractual terms; and operational excellence.

A maximum of 1000 points are available under the system, and this year across these four categories Avnet Abacus was awarded the top score of 885 points in the international volume distributor category – an even higher score than in the previous year, showing further improvement of the distributor’s already high levels of performance.

“I am delighted that Avnet Abacus has won the gold TDK European Distribution Award for international volume distributors,” said Peter Miller, Senior Director Distribution Sales at TDK. “The repeat performance is reflective of their sustained strategy of support for TDK and, more importantly, for our customers. Avnet Abacus continues to display the required acumen for long-term growth from the design phase to logistical support.”

Two time winners: l to r: Dietmar Jaeger: Vice President Distribution Corporate Sales, TDK; Hagen Goetze: Director Supplier and Product Management, Avnet Abacus; Peter Miller: Senior Director Distribution Sales, TDK; Rudy Van Parijs: President, Avnet Abacus; Richard Curley: Supplier Business Manager, Avnet Abacus; Peter Arch: Senior Director Distribution Corporate Sales, TDK


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