Avnet Abacus and Molex have celebrated a remarkable 40 years of working together at a special event held in Munich to mark the milestone anniversary.  

More than 20 people from both companies gathered for the celebration, with top executives from Avnet Abacus including Rudy Van Parijs, President of Avnet Abacus; Matthias Schwendemann, Vice President Product Management; and Hagen Goetze, Senior Director Marketing. Key Molex executives attending the event included: Henry Fuerniss, VP of Sales and Marketing EMEA; Paul Keenan, Sales Director, Distribution Europe; and Lee Thomas, Distribution Corporate Account Manager. A focal point of the event was the presentation to Molex of a commemorative award recognising four decades of successful collaboration with Avnet Abacus.

Since 1982, the relationship between the Molex and Avnet Abacus has been built upon the combination of Molex’s extensive product portfolio and its depth of expertise in connectivity with Avnet Abacus’s world-class services and logistics operations, working closely together to provide electronic, electrical, and fibre-optic interconnect products and systems to customers across the world. Over the years, Molex has expanded its portfolio to include more than 100,000 products to meet the needs of customers across a broad range of industries, including automation, telecommunications, automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer electronics.

“Avnet Abacus and Molex have been collaborating to support our customers’ needs for four decades, and we are extremely proud of our long history together,” said Henry Fuerniss, VP Sales and Marketing, EMEA at Molex. “Our similar core values and commitment to service, along with Avnet’s focus on demand creation that supports early adoption of Molex innovations enables our partnership to flourish and keeps us ahead of future trends. We are looking forward to another successful 40 years together.”

“Molex has been and continues to be a key strategic partner for Avnet Abacus,” responded Rudy Van Parijs at Avnet Abacus. “We have huge mutual respect for each other’s expertise, competence, and professionalism with increasingly close rapport between Molex’s product and technology experts and our application engineering teams to deliver best-in-class service, quality, and innovation. We look forward to another 40 years in business together working closely and finding ways to continually adapt to the challenging dynamics of our industry to provide an even better service for our customers.”



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