GreenVITY a Silicon Valley Fabless semiconductor and green systems developer has selected BT2000 as its UK & Irish representative and distributor to launch its integrated one chip communications solutions with PLC to Zigbee / Zigbee to PLC bridge technology.

The HomePlug Green PHY specification is a subset of HomePlug AV that is intended for use in the smart grid with peak rates of 10Mbit/s  is designed to go into smart meters and smaller appliances such as HVAC thermostats, home appliances and plug-in electric vehicles enabling data sharing over a home network and with the power utility. High capacity broadband is not required for such applications, the most important requirements being low power and low cost, reliable communication, and compact size. GreenPHY uses up to 75% less energy than AV.

GreenVITY’s Hybrii family of hybrid SoC connectivity solutions are  suited to SMART energy management, home appliance, home gateway and building control markets. The first range of Hybrid SoC’s are as small as 12mm square whilst an automotive grade option has been recently launched and will be widely used from 2014 in leading  manufacturers Electric and Hybrid vehicles.

Philip Hall Managing Director at BT2000 is enthusiastic about the new line “It is a very creative product and offers huge advantages to a growing market place, GreenVITY have a strong international creative and management team who are backed by some major companies and investors. The major Automotive manufacturers are certainly very enthusiastic about the technology and we are seeing much interest from other sectors already including the Utilities sector.”




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