bt2000Israel based manufacturer of Super Capacitors, Cellergy, have appointed Broadband Technology 2000 ltd to market their innovative range of Super Capacitors in the UK & Ireland.

Cellergy’s extensive product portfolio is designed to extend the life of Batteries, especially reducing stress during pulses and supporting Batteries in cold Environments to which the Cellergy’s performance is outstanding when compared to similar technologies. The Ultra Low ESR products cover a range of 7mF to 700mF and have an extensive range of 1.2 to 14volts with life expectancy to 50,000 hours

Cellergy have recently made major investments into automation and production expansion in readiness for the anticipated market growth. Cellergy have identified major applications which include Energy Harvesting.

Menachem Gilad, CEO of Cellergy said that BT2000s market knowledge , customer base and product portfolio was an excellent match for the Cellergy technology. Mike Collen, Marketing Manager BT2000 whilst visiting the production facility in Migdal Haemek in Northern Israel met the full team along with their parent company and said “ I was delighted by the commitment Cellergy have made to this innovative Technology. The Quality control is excellent and they have major commitments to developing the processes further. The Parent company, PCB, have made the resources available so production can double within weeks” Collen said “ we have already received major interest from the AMR Market and companies investigating renewable energies. Cellergy will be a great asset and partner for our customers”

Typical applications for the Cellergy Super Capacitor technology are Motor Drives, Solenoids, GSM/GPRS, RFiD pulses and Energy harvesting for all market sectors including Military applications.

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