Singapore based GridComm has appointed BT2000 to be their UK and Ireland partner for their fast growing range of Smart Grid communication solutions. GridComm is a spin out from Australia’s Semitech Semiconductors. It was founded to focus on the Smart Grid market with their range of highly reliable and scalable robust power line modular solutions.

BT2000 will look to follow the success of Smart Grid applications including Lighting controls, home appliances alternative energy and M2M data gathering throughout Asia.

Stewart Gebbie Sales Director of GridComm stated that “BT2000 are well placed to support these UK customers and have in-depth knowledge of these markets. In Asia the technology is being utilised in many industrial and metering applications and we expect the market size to reach 1 Billion units in 15 years.
“Europe has been slow to take up the benefits of utilising existing cabling for peak load management of utilities data,” Gebbie remarked.

SmartGrid offers a plug and play solution that reduces cost and utilises Existing AC or DC cabling. Range is up to 2 to 3 kilometres.

GridComm Power Line Communication (PLC) modules are a complete hardware and software solution. The embedded software supports four different modes of operation- Point-to-Point, Simple Broadcast, Auto-Routing and Broadcast-over-Auto-Routing. When in Auto-Routing or Broadcast-over-Auto-Routing mode, the software automatically configures the network and constantly adapting to the varying conditions on the power lines with the most optimal data routing paths. When powered with a DC12V@300mA power supply, it functions as a full system-level PLC modem. The GC9200 is a complete DIN rail unit and has Full FCC and CE approvals. Both modules utilises the industry-leading, GridComm GC2200 an OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) Power Line Communication Transceiver to provide robust communications up to 2Km.


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