Broadband Technology in partnership with Maestro announces their new miniature ROM Based GPS Module based on the upgraded SiRFstarIV technology. Maestro’s low cost A2200A module design integrates the new GSD4e v4.1 chip and offers enhanced GPS receiver capability for a broad range of Industrial applications, including telematics and commercial devices, ideally suited for Battery powered products. The A2200A provides a level of performance as never seen before.

The A2200A SiRFstarIV technology utilizes CSR’s GSD4e chip with the latest SiRFaware and is probably the market leader due to a full range of benefits:
-High Sensitivity – 163dBm
-Very Low Power
-Anti Jamming Functionality
-Constant Hot start
-MEMS Compatibility
-Faster speed
-Low Cost of ownership

The A2200A Maximizes on the Extended ephemeris capture feature and maintains hot start conditions continuously and can provide an accurate position within seconds, overcoming the frustrations of delays from GPS users. The new firmware also enables the user to select to more accurate and faster 5Hz navigation update rate such as required for high performance vehicles.

The A2200A has added an I2C interface enabling simple communication with a number of MEMS Accelerometers, MEMS Magnetometers and MEMS Gyros available from BT2000s partners. With its active jammer removal capability, the A2200A is the solution that addresses the issue of external jammers that can’t be controlled. This could be motors or deliberately transmitted jamming signals within the L1 band intended to prevent GPS receivers from calculating a position. The A2200A is capable of detecting and removing up to 8 different jamming sources. The modules is only 10.2mm x 14mm size with castellation solder pads for simple product placement.

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