Avnet Abacus and Measurement Specialties have agreed a pan-European distribution deal. The new agreement is a major extension of the existing collaboration between the two companies, previously serving the market for sensors in Denmark.

The terms of the deal enable Avnet Abacus to operate across Europe as a franchised distributor of Measurement Specialties’ sensor and transducer products. These products precisely measure such physical characteristics as pressure, force, vibration, torque, position, temperature, humidity, fluid properties, mass air flow and photo optics, and are typically used as embedded devices by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or as standalone sensors for test and measurement to provide critical monitoring, feedback and control input.

“As an applications company, we recognise that embedded solutions often demand custom-specific designs, which requires particularly close cooperation with customers,” said Glen MacGibbon, executive vice president, Measurement Specialties. “By working with Avnet Abacus in Europe, we are gaining a distribution partner with highly competent technical product specialists located throughout the region. They understand the sensing market and can provide invaluable support to our customers from the product development phase right through to delivery utilising their proven commercial and logistics expertise.”

“The Measurement Specialties portfolio features a broad range of sensing technologies, so customers are able to access sensor products designed to meet their specific application needs,” said Alan Jermyn, vice president marketing, Avnet Abacus. “This application focus is very much aligned with our own approach, complementing not only our existing product range but also the work of our sales and product teams. In addition, we are developing new online resources to provide customers with fast, easy access to application-specific information from key suppliers such as MEAS.”


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