RS Components (RS) has strengthened its relationship with Fagor Electronica to distribute its range of discrete semiconductors on a worldwide basis, adding 114 new Diodes, Bridge Rectifiers, Thyristors and TRIACs to the RS product line. The Fagor Electronica portfolio of diode-based circuit protection components includes both high-voltage and small-signal devices for use in a broad range of applications, from industrial and automotive electronics to handheld personal multimedia devices.

Products include Schottky and Zener diodes, Fast and Ultrafast-recovery rectifiers and Transient Voltage Suppressors in surface-mount, axial and radial leaded package configurations.

Fagor Electronica Thyristors are available with voltage rating up to 1200V, on-state current rating from 0.8A to 50A and gate current rating from 15 mA to 80 mA, in a range of through-hole and SMD formats. Applications include AC/DC and AC/AC conversion, crowbar protection and soft start functions in industrial systems.

Fagor Electronica TRIACs are suitable for on/off switching in static relays, heating regulation and induction motor starting circuits, and for phase control in light dimmers and motor speed controllers.

Fagor Electronica Export Manager, Monica Vaz, commented: “At Fagor Electronica, we are committed to providing a Diode- or Thyristor-based solution to suit any practical application the market can present us with. The global reach of RS Components increases the market that we have access to, and so will stimulate us to develop increasingly innovative responses to an even broader range of applications in the future.”



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