Avnet Embedded has unveiled a new portfolio of services available to systems builders/OEMs in the embedded software arena. The services have been developed to support users when building devices throughout the entire design cycle from concept to production.

The seven new services include: a Development Kit providing the media needed to build and test an image for Windows Embedded licensing, providing a basis for quick development on the Windows Embedded platform. Avnet Embedded has custom built the kit with all the features of the Microsoft development kit, plus a DVD containing guides and additional tools; a Hands-on-Lab offers general training for learning more about Windows Embedded image creation and deployment. An Image Solution Kit provides a comprehensive set of guides, drivers, image tools and sample images tuned to a user’s hardware helping to create a final production image, first time. A Solutions Audit Service provides an on-site engineer who will carry out a full assessment of an existing image and deployment process and validate a current solution. Image installation and production is an end-to-end image installation and hardware production service.

“Our new services portfolio is yet another string to our bow – and one that positions us strongly in the embedded software arena, by providing a complete and well-rounded offering to OEMs and systems builders,” says Nick Donaldson, director of Avnet Embedded EMEA. “Our clients can rest assured that when working with Avnet Embedded, it’s not just about shifting boxes/licenses. In order to leverage the really powerful embedded features in the Microsoft embedded software range and get maximum benefit, it is crucial to have the best technical support and knowledge. At Avnet Embedded we understand how to get the best from the available tools and recognise the potential pitfalls. With our software services portfolio we can help customers at any stage of the design lifecycle build, manage and deploy Microsoft embedded.”


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