WEBENCH, the power semiconductor design tool inherited by Texas Instruments when it acquired National Semiconductor is now available from Mouser Electronics. The software allows designers to generate, optimise, and simulate designs that conform to their unique specifications. Mouser Electronics supports the complete design with its large breadth of in-stock products from TI and other leading suppliers.

The Texas Instruments WEBENCH Designer gives electronic design engineers a compelling, proven way to quickly and accurately simulate power converter circuits. Designers can successfully build a circuit and simulate it over time and temperature. With Mouser Electronics providing quick access to all the parts necessary to realize the simulated circuit, the target result is first-pass success, speeding time to market. For added ordering convenience, WEBENCH returns a complete Bill of Materials.

Through support of the new TI WEBENCH tool, Mouser Electronics provides the means by which designers can realize the simulated circuits with instantly available components, evaluation boards, and the associated discrete and passive devices necessary to build the design – all of which ship within minutes of ordering.

“This innovative TI design tool gives designers the advantage of being able to make value-based trade-offs at a design, system, and supply chain level before their design is committed to production,” remarked Kevin Hess, Mouser’s Vice President of Technical Marketing. “WEBENCH is ideal for a variety of designs, including power, lighting, filtering, clocking, and sensing. This tool is yet another way that Mouser helps to expedite design time for engineers.”


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