RS Components is stocking the latest devices in the Super J-MOS MOSFET series from Fuji Electric.

The four new MOSFETs (FMW20N60S1HF, FMW30N60S1HF, FMW47N60S1HF, FMW79N60S1HF) have been developed using the super junction structure, which, unlike a conventional planar structure, enables a significant decrease in on-resistance without reducing the voltage tolerance of the device, leading to substantially lower power consumption. In addition, the surface design of the super junction structure has been optimised to achieve low conduction and switching loss.

Fuji developed the Super J-MOS series in response to heightened global environmental awareness, which has led to a demand for the increased energy efficiency of electronic devices. In particular, there has been a strong emphasis on improving power conversion efficiency in applications such as information and communications equipment including Internet servers, uninterruptible power supply systems, broadcasting equipment, and photovoltaic power conditioners.


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