RS Components will present Raspberry Pi at Sci-Fi-London 2012, the 11th annual international festival of science fiction and fantastic film to be held on 5-6 May at London’s BFI South Bank.

At the weekend-long event, RS, one of the two global distributors of Raspberry Pi, will feature two demonstrations of this new low-cost credit card sized computer board designed to revitalise interest in computer programming among children and hobbyists worldwide.

One of the two Raspberry Pi boards will run the classic computer game ‘Manic Miner’ using Fuse, the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator, originally developed for Sir Clive Sinclair’s ZX Spectrum computer which this year celebrates 30 years since its creation. The other Raspberry Pi will display the speed and power capabilities of the new module.

Bill Marshall, Central Content Editor at RS, who will be on hand at the event to answer technical questions and advise on the accessories required to operate the Raspberry Pi, said, “The simplicity of the Raspberry Pi is reminiscent of the Spectrum which gave many of today’s software engineers their first taste of coding. Raspberry Pi has been created to seed the next generation of programmers and it has already provoked a huge amount of excitement through its promise to make programming accessible to all.”

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