Premier Farnell plc today announced a stocking deal for Linear Technology Corporation’s latest LTC2389-18, the industry’s fastest 18-bit SAR ADC (analog-to-digital converter). Premier Farnell’s customers all over the globe will now have access to the ADC converter that achieves best-in-class signal to noise ratio (99.8dB) and lowest total harmonic distortion (-116dB) at sample rates up to 2.5Msps with no cycle latency.

Linear Technology Corporation designs, manufactures and markets a broad line of standard high performance analog integrated circuits, including a range of applications like telecommunications, networking products, video/multimedia, industrial instrumentation, automotive electronics, factory automation, process control, and military and space systems.

The addition of the LTC2389-18 means customers can now benefit from an all-in-one SAR ADC with the highest AC and DC performance and value added features like pin-configurable input ranges, integrated reference and reference buffer, internal oscillator and serial or parallel interface options that allow customers the flexibility of managing a single part number for multiple applications. The LTC2389-16 is the 16-bit resolution alternative planned to be released following the LTC2389-18. With 96dB SNR and ±0.75LSB INL at 2.5Msps, the LTC2389-16 is also a best in class part in terms of speed and performance. The LTC2389-18 and LTC2389-16 are well suited for demanding designs that require maximum signal swings at low power levels in noisy industrial environments.

Customers will be able to access the latest product via Premier Farnell’s operating businesses of Farnell element14 (Europe), Newark element14 (USA) and element14 (APAC) and participate in discussions, collaborate, watch tutorials and read detailed product information via the dedicated Linear Technology page on the element14 Community.

“We are pleased to work with a leading manufacturer like Linear Technology and offer a product that is well suited for a wide variety of design applications,” said Marianne Culver, Global Head of Product Marketing and Supply Chain at Premier Farnell. “With Linear Technology’s broad application base we will be distributing this product to a wide range of customers across the globe.”

Summary of Features: LTC2389-18
– 2.5Msps Throughput Rate
– ±3LSB INL (Max)
– Guaranteed 18-Bit, No Missing Codes
– Pin-Configurable Analog Input Range:
– ±VREF Fully Differential
– 0V to VREF Pseudo-Differential Unipolar
– ±VREF/2 Pseudo-Differential Bipolar
– 99.8dB (Fully Differential)/95.2dB (Pseudo-Differential) SNR (Typ) at fIN = 2kHz
– -116dB (Fully Differential) /-112 dB (Pseudo-Differential) THD (Typ)fIN=2kHZ
– Guaranteed Operation to 125°C
– Single 5V Supply
– Internal 20ppm/°C (Max) Reference
– Internal Reference Buffer
– 162.5mW Power Dissipation at 2.5Msps
– No Pipeline Delay, No Cycle Latency
– 1.8V to 5V I/O Voltages
– Parallel and Serial I/O Interface
– Internal Conversion Clock
– 48-Pin 7mm × 7mm LQFP & QFN Packages

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