Richardson RFPD has developed a website for Wavelex that offers the full portfolio of the company’s RF, IF and microwave signal processing components for the RF and microwave industry, including amplifiers, attenuators, bias-Ts, couplers, DC blocks, SMA connectors and cables, splitters and combiners, switches, and terminators and loads.

Wavelex devices target test and measurement, wireless infrastructure, medical, and military applications.

Each product listing on the new site includes key specifications and a link to the corresponding data sheet. Product category tables can be sorted by any of the key technical specifications. Each product listing also includes a “buy” button for online purchasing via Richardson RFPD, the exclusive worldwide distributor for Wavelex products.

“Our new website offers a quick way for Wavelex customers to browse our lineup of products, sort the products as needed, and then purchase them online,” said River Huang, Wavelex Chairman.

“Wavelex offers an impressive pedigree of manufacturing high quality products for a diverse range of applications, with an initial focus on test and measurement,” said Chris Marshall, VP of RF and Wireless, Richardson RPFD. “This is an exciting opportunity for us, and we look forward to a long and successful future with Wavelex.”


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