Sensor manufacturer Sensirion has sealed a global sales agreement with Future Electronics.
“We are very excited to have found a partner that is globally active and can offer our customers optimal support on-site,” says Christian Constantin, Distribution Channel Manager at Sensirion. “With Future Electronics, our customers will receive quick consultation and top-flight technical expertise, even in regions where we do not have our own branches.”
Sensors and sensor solutions from Sensirion are used in the automotive industry, medical technology, building technology, industrial processes and consumer goods. The sensor solutions are based on the CMOSens Technology, which integrates a sensor and evaluation circuit on a single semiconductor chip.
Matthew Rotholz, Corporate Vice-President of Analogue, Power Management & Connectivity Solutions at Future Electronics says, “With the product range from Sensirion, we are adding a respected manufacturer to our sensor line-up. We offer our customers these high-quality technical products for the fast-growing sensor market, in which the focus is on improving health, comfort and energy efficiency.”


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