Isabellenhütte Heusler has embarked on a strategy to sell its products through the distribution channel.
It has signed Power & Signal Group to take its low ohmic resistor products to automotive customers in Europe and Asia.
The precision and high-performance meet the requirements of the AEC-Q200 specifications, thanks to their small size and high performance, and are used in numerous applications in the automotive industry
The Power & Signal Group will offer technical support to customers on specific applications along with more comprehensive consultations and application-related batches of products.
“Our customers will benefit from the additional services and logistical opportunities offered by our new partner. Direct contact with our internal sales team and the respective national representatives will also be maintained,” explained Anton Roth, Sales Director Components at Isabellenhütte.
Power & Signal will bring logistical services to the channel including the ability to provide quantities lower than those contained in standard packages. That means components produced by Isabellenhütte will be available in smaller amounts while the customer-specific storage of components reduces delivery times.
The Power & Signal Group will also offer design-in consulting geared to the specific requirements of automotive customers. “Our portfolio is restricted to select core suppliers. That allows us to address our niche, the automotive market, in a structured and organised way and to provide a broader, more customer-oriented range of advisory services,” explained Sven Kallinich Manager Sales & Marketing EMEA at the Power & Signal Group.


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