Future Electronics has signed a franchise distribution agreement with GP Batteries, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of primary and rechargeable batteries for electronics products.

The agreement with GP Batteries International gives Future Electronics a sales franchise spanning the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, and North and South America. It enables Future Electronics to supply the full range of GP Batteries products, including devices based on lithium-ion and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) chemistries, and both standard parts and custom battery packs.

By signing Future Electronics as a franchised distribution partner, GP Batteries gains access to the company’s broad customer base across the industrial, medical, automotive, communications and consumer market segments. Future Electronics provides these customers with specialist applications engineering expertise through its Future Power Solutions division.

Field applications engineers in each of its 44 EMEA branches and 58 North and South America branches will also provide technical support to users of GP Batteries products.

Future Electronics expects to see strong interest in GP Batteries’ standard range of lithium-ion products, where it has a choice of cells smaller than the common 18650 form factor. It also forecasts steady demand for NiMH technology, which offers considerable advantages in applications that require high energy density but that also benefit from simple control circuitry, very low safety risk and tolerance of overcharging and high-temperature operation.


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