EBV Elektronik has joined with embedded software solutions provide IS2T, to develop “JAKARTA”, a Java Reference Design.

“JAKARTA”, is a hardware and software application platform ready for new areas of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). With around 28KB of non-volatile memory, IS2T MicroEJ is lightweight, low cost and uses only 11 percent of the KL46 flash memory for the advantage that Java can bring to projects.

Software benefits of “JAKARTA” include increased software productivity with high-level programming language; reduced UI specification cycles with MicroEJ; same user-experience for all devices with MicroEJ hardware abstraction capabilities; flexible design process with simulation (agile capabilities); and Java virtualisation interface.

“JAKARTA” package include Freescale FRDM-KL46 (Cortex-M0+ 48 MHz, 256 KB Flash, 32 KB RAM) and a Daughter board compatible with Freescale Freedom KL25 (128 KB Flash) and KL46 (256 KB Flash). IS2T MicroEJ for ARM Cortex-M0+ evaluation edition is also provided.

“This platform will enable engineers to evaluate various hardware technologies relevant to HMI like haptic feedback, OLED or TFT displays, various MEMS, optical sensors, non volatile memories including hardware authentication device, and capacitive keys. It also includes the IS2T MicroEJ Embedded User Interface, the first Java virtual machine for the Freescale Kinetis L (ARM Cortex-M0+). The EBV “JAKARTA” platform will add significantly value to our customers by saving development time and costs and will also reduce substantially time-to-market” said Etienne Lanoy, Regional Applications Manager for EBV France, Belgium and North Africa who was in charge of the development of the “JAKARTA” reference design.


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