Mouser Electronics has signed a distribution agreement with Heraeus Sensor Technology to become the global distributor for its range of Platinum RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) sensor elements, including Thin Film Platinum RTDs, Glass and Ceramic Wire Wound RTDs.
Heraeus has unique expertise in micro-structured thin and thick-film systems using noble metals.
“It’s a line that will do well in catalogue distribution. The products are ones that engineers love to hear about” commented Graham Maggs, Mouser’s European marketing director. The Heraeus deals beings the number of new suppliers signed by Mouser in 2013 to 35.
Platinum temperature sensors, a core capability of Heraeus Sensor Technology, operate in the temperature range from -196°C to +1000°C and provide quality, precision and long-term-stability. Fields of application for these intelligent solutions include the automotive, process technology, life sciences and white goods sectors. The sensors are based on the unique property of platinum to increase resistance as temperature rises in a predictable linear behaviour, enabling precise temperature recording across a greatly extended temperature range. Platinum’s resistance to temperature ratio is steeper than most metals, making it an excellent metal for accurate temperature sensors. With platinum sensing elements, the linearity of the resistance-temperature relationship is the most stable over a wide temperature range and offers higher repeatability and shorter response times than other materials.


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