SAMA5D3MSC Gleichmann has announced its support for Atmel’s latest, highest performance, low-power SAMA5D3 series of embedded microprocessor units based on the ARM Cortex-A5 core. The new SAMA5D3 series is designed for embedded applications in the industrial space, including factory and building automation, smart grid, medical and handheld terminals, along with consumer applications such as smart watches and outdoor GPS devices.

For industrial applications in particular, there is an ongoing requirement for higher processing power and faster connectivity. In the consumer space, battery-powered applications and wearable products are driving the requirements for lower power consumption, while smartphone and tablets are setting new, more advanced standards for user interfaces as the shift moves beyond mobile to home automation and control panels for white goods.

Understanding these demands, Atmel has developed the new series of SAMA5D3 MPUs using a 65nm low-power process technology to deliver up to 850DMIPS at 536MHz while offering 1328MB/s at 166MHz bus speed. The floating-point unit also provides additional high-precision processing power for image, audio and sensor data. The SAMA5D3 series delivers market-leading low-power consumption under 200mW in active mode at maximum speed and below 0.5mW in low-power mode when retaining context and offering fast wake-up.

MSC Gleichmann’s managing director, Tim Bonnett said, “We recognise the importance Atmel places on offering the right mix of MPUs to satisfy every customer’s requirements. The new SAMA5D3 series certainly addresses the need for high-performance, high-precision processing while also satisfying the goal of delivering a low power solution for battery-powered products. Our role is to make this accessible to the designer, not just by supplying the devices, evaluation kits and development tools but by offering support based on our technical expertise and many years of embedded design experience.”

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