The new EZPE Series from Panasonic is now available through Farnell element14. Key features include long product life with high reliability, low ESR, full compliancy with the RoHS directive and high safety with built-in self-healing and self-protecting functions.

The addition of the Panasonic EZPE series offers a number of benefits for applications such as DC link and filtering, IGBT protection, photovoltaic inverters, wind power generation and industrial power supplies. Stocked by Farnell element14 the series is available to order now.

“The market requirements for high voltage capacitors in industrial applications are high reliability and long life in a compact case size, especially for DC-link, DC filtering and snubber capacitors,” said Jesper Rasmussen, Global Product Director, Passives at Farnell element14. “The EZPE series has been developed to support these requirements with advanced technologies, meaning it’s the perfect substitute to electrolytic capacitors with its improved energy efficiency, higher voltage, ripple current level and design flexibility. This is excellent news for our customers, offering excellent value to those using DC link and filtering applications and those operating in the areas surrounding renewable energy.”

The Panasonic EZPE series is produced with metallised Polypropylene film and patterned metallisation technology. The special fuse function of the patterned metallisation enables high capacitance, high withstand voltage and a built-in protection function.

Technical Details:

Rated voltage                                                 500VDC/1300VDC

Capacitance range                                         10uF to 110uF

Capacitance tolerance                                   ± 10%

Temperature range                                        -40°C to +85°C

Typical ESR (20°C/ 10kHz)                              4.1mΩ to 22.0mΩ

Lifetime spec                                                  100,000hrs at 70°C

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