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Arrow to offer low-cost, high-speed data converter evaluation systems

Evaluation ModuleArrow Electronics announces the availability of a pair of evaluation modules that will assist designers in the selection of parts for – and the development of – data conversion systems. The TSW1405EVM and TSW1406EVM have been developed jointly by Texas Instruments and Lattice Semiconductor and feature Lattice FPGAs and TI analogue-to-digital converters and digital-to-analogue converters, respectively. As the only distributor to support both TI and Lattice in Europe, Arrow’s technical team is able to assist in all aspects of the solutions.

The TSW1405EVM is a low-cost data capture board that can be used to evaluate some of TI’s most popular high-speed ADCs. The TSW1406EVM is a pattern generator card for DACs. Both boards support a high-speed LVDS bus capable of providing/receiving 16-bit samples at 1.0 GSPS. The platforms support a 64-k sample depth with the ability to collect data on up to eight channels concurrently.

Each card features a LatticeECP3 FPGA, which interfaces directly with the converter. To help jump-start designs, Lattice and TI have worked together to implement LatticeECP3 HDL design files for a number of TI DACs and ADCs, including the 14-bit, 250-MSPS, single-channel ADS4149 and ADS61B49, and dual-channel ADS4249 and ADS62P49; 12-bit, 1000-MSPS, dual-channel ADS5400; 12-bit, 500-MSPS, single-channel ADS5463; and 11-bit, 200 MSPS, quad-channel ADS58C48.

The TSW1405EVM and TSW1406EVM are each supported by a software package that features an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface. Set up and operation is achieved via a single mini-USB cable attached to the host PC. Data is transmitted and power drawn over this connection.

In addition to stocking the evaluation kits for sale, Arrow is also making them available through its Testdrive programme, which enables engineers to evaluate selected development tools free of charge for one month.

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Mouser Introduces Enhanced New RF Wireless Technology Site

Mouser Electronics today announced that its newest technology site on covering radio frequency Wireless Technology has been expanded to feature the leading drop-in RF solutions.

The new RF Wireless Technology site’s enhanced Solutions spotlight helps design engineers choose from the latest integrated solutions and drop-in modules with pre-certified radios that instantly add wireless capabilities to existing applications. The Solutions spotlight features the newest RF modules from industry-leading manufacturers Skyworks, Murata, Panasonic and Texas Instruments, to name a few. These leading RF solutions are organized by both frequency range (sub 1GHz, 1 – 5GHz, and over 5GHz) and protocol (Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, and GPS).

The RF Technology site also provides information for designers looking to build an RF design from the components up and features a variety of resources and industry news, including the latest article from Richard Trueman, Panasonic Product Manager, Wireless Devices, titled “Bluetooth Low Energy … The World’s Next Great Technology.” The RF site also showcases a block diagram of a transceiver to speed navigation based on area of component interest.

“With the growing market demand for wireless systems, Mouser recognizes the need to provide design engineers with a comprehensive site that lets them quickly integrate RF technology into their designs,” says Kevin Hess, Mouser Vice President of Technical Marketing. “Our expanded RF Technology site makes it easier for engineers to identify the right drop-in solution to speed time to market by instantly adding wireless capability to existing applications. With expanded information on the industry’s leading RF modules, including selection criteria by frequency and protocol, Mouser’s RF Technology site supplies design engineers with a wealth of resources right at their fingertips.”

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Premier Farnell scoops Freescale Awards to recognise the successful launch of Kinetis L

Premier Farnell has been recognised with a specific award by Freescale following the hugely successful launch of the first Freedom development platform for the Kinetis L microcontrollers.Kinetis L

The first award recognises Premier Farnell’s leadership in ‘Global Design Engineering Solutions’ and the excellent execution and results of the solutions strategy with Freescale.

The other three awards are for Premier Farnell’s regional operating businesses of element14 in Asia Pacific, Farnell element14 in Europe and Newark element14 in North America for the ‘Demand Creation Excellence’ linked to the launch of the new Kinetis L product family.

Freescale made a special mention to Newark element14 for its current outstanding performance in the sales and new customer acquisition for Kinetis L microcontrollers.

The award was presented to Laurence Bain, Chief Executive Officer, Marianne Culver, Chief of Global Supply Chain and Supplier Management, and David Shen, Chief Technology Officer, by Freescale Chief Executive, Greg Lowe, at the electronica 2012 Exhibition in Munich, Germany.

David Shen, Chief Technology Officer at Premier Farnell, said: “We are delighted to be recognised by Freescale for our leadership in ‘Global Design Engineer Solutions’, which further demonstrates our commitment to providing the latest new products and reference design solutions to design engineers and purchasing professionals. This is a really excellent result and a case study example on how we can leverage our solutions strategy, global marketing capabilities and powerful element14 Community to support new product launches from our suppliers.”

Geoff Lees, Senior Vice President and General Manager Microcontrollers at Freescale, said: “The launch of the new Kinetis L series microcontrollers has been a huge success with Premier Farnell, and its operating companies across the world. When you look for a partner it is more than just straightforward distribution it is all the other add-ons and customer solutions that make Premier Farnell stand out. I am extremely pleased to be presenting these awards to Premier Farnell today.”

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element14 collaborates with NXP to produce exclusive LPC4357-EVB low-cost dual-core media development board

element14 today announced the exclusive availability of the NXP LPC4357-EVB board from element14.LPC4357

The new media development board featuring the NXP LPC4357 dual-core ARM processor device is the result of collaboration between element14 and NXP to deliver a low-cost, media device suitable for development of embedded applications. The board delivers a unique combination of dual-core processing power based on the ARM Cortex-M4 architecture and media-friendly peripheral features, all at a low price which makes the board accessible to both professional engineers and hobbyists.

The NXP LPC4357-EVB development board is priced at less than $100 and is available exclusively from element14. The board is built around the NXP LPC4357 which delivers a versatile dual-core configuration using an ARM Cortex-M4 MCU with an ARM Cortex-M0 as a co-processor. This is the first ARM Cortex board at this price point to deliver dual-core performance and media interface features including 1MB of dual-bank Flash, high speed USB host and device, an LCD interface, SD card and more.

The NXP LPC4357-EVB board from element14 features the 256 Mb Spansion FL-S quad I/O serial Flash memory. The Spansion non-volatile memory product offers high density coupled with the flexibility and fast performance required by embedded multimedia applications. The QSPI Flash is connected to the LPC4357’s unique SPI Flash Interface which allows the M4 or the M0 core to execute from the QSPI or access large tables of data or images.

This development board includes peripherals well-suited for development of multi-media, audio, medical, industrial control and motor control applications and provides ideal rapid prototyping opportunities for hobbyists and game console designers. Features of this board include a three-axis accelerometer, a joystick, an LCD interface for a QVGA LCD module (sold separately), an audio codec and audio jacks, five user input switches, and a user LED. Board connectivity features provide two USB ports, and serial general purpose I/O interface. The board also provides a 32MB external SDRAM. Power is provided through USB or by an external 5V DC power supply. The board solution is also supported by application software and firmware drivers for the peripherals.

“We are very pleased to announce the launch of the NXP LPC4357-EVB development platform from element14,” said David Shen, Chief Technical Officer, element14. “This development board is proof of the success of our strategy to offer designers the latest devices from top suppliers like NXP and Spansion in order to provide engineers with unique solutions that make it easier for them to prototype and build next generation electronics using best-in-class technologies.”

The NXP LPC4357-EVB board from element14 is available for order immediately and boards will be shipped at the beginning of December. This media platform is available exclusively from element14.

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Order the New Arduino Due at

Mouser Electronics today announced it is taking orders for the new Arduino Due Microcontroller Board from Arduino, based on the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 MCU.Arduino Due

The long-awaited Arduino Due Microcontroller Board is based on the 32-bit processor Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 MCU, and improves all the standard Arduino functionalities, adding many new features. The Arduino Due offers 54 digital input/output pins (of which 16 can be used as PWM outputs, with selectable resolution), 12 analog inputs with 12 bits of resolution, 4 UARTs, two DAC outputs, an 84MHz crystal oscillator, two USB connections, a power jack, an ICSP header, a JTAG header, and a reset button. The maximum voltage that the I/O pins can provide or tolerate is 3.3V. The board has two micro USB connectors—one for debugging purposes and a second one capable of acting as a USB host, allowing external USB peripherals such as mouse, keyboards, smartphones, etc. to be connected to the Arduino Due. This exciting new addition to the Arduino family is now available for order.

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Design engineers from around the world are test driving the Freescale Freedom development platform on element14

element14 today announced that the Freescale Freedom hardware for Kinetis KL25 MCUs is available for same-day shipping through element14, the first distributor to stock it globally prior to the official market launch later this month. Five engineers have been selected for a special “Preview Roadtest” of this innovative platform.

These five design engineers are among the element14 community’s top participants and come from the US, Australia and the UK. Initial Roadtest reviews can now be seen on the element14 community at and more of their evaluations and thoughts about potential uses of the platform will continue over the next month. Everyone in the global engineering community is invited to join the discussion and pose questions to the testers and to a Freescale engineer from this site.
The cost-effective Freescale Freedom development platform is based on the Kinetis KL25 family, that combines the energy-efficiency and ease of use of the new ARM® Cortex™-M0+ processor with the performance attributes of the Kinetis 32-bit MCU portfolio.

“The element14 community itself represents a unique design ecosystem, offering a comprehensive suite of design solutions and resources to help designers easily adopt new technologies like the Kinetis L series,” said Dianne Kibbey, head of community, Premier Farnell. “Roadtest is one of most popular community resources, and we’re particularly pleased to be able to be the first to offer reviews and the product itself before the official launch later this month.”
Detailed technical information, development tools and supported ecosystem partners for the platform can be found on the Knode, element14’s proprietary online technical library and engineering research tool.

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Rutronik offers expanded QNX portfolio from emtrion

Still in its infancy, the cooperation between Rutronik and emtrion is offering Rutronik customers even more benefits: Thanks to the recent strategic partnership concluded between emtrion and Triadem Solutions with respect to QNX real-time QNXoperating systems, Rutronik customers now have access to more high-end 32-bit CPU modules for QNX as well as higher quality and more reliable BSPs.

emtrion has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Triadem Solutions, the objective of which is to increase the range of high-end 32-bit CPU modules which support QNX for industrial products. The companies also want to increase the quality and reliability of the BSPs. Customers of Rutronik, emtrion’s distribution partner, will also benefit from the wider product range, the shorter development times for QNX-based products, greater flexibility and better support.

The first joint product from emtrion and Triadem Solutions is the QNX 6.5 BSP for emtrion’s DIMM-MX53 module, for which development kits are already available via Rutronik. Two additional BSPs for TI AM335x and Freescale i.MX6 will also be available shortly.

Rutronik has been emtrion’s distribution partner since June. Consequently, the distributor has expanded its range of RISC-based solutions for the embedded market: Industrial system integrators and system builders can source all their requirements for RISC-based solutions – from low-performance computer-on-modules via single-board computers to customer-specific baseboards – from a single source Europe-wide. Rutronik customers also have access to the comprehensive software support offered by emtrion for Windows Embedded, QNX, Linux and Android, enabling them to reduce their time-to-market to a minimum.

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Texas Instruments’ HEAT EVM available via Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics is meeting the needs of engineers looking to design and implement electronics systems that deal with demanding conditions, by offering the Harsh Environment Acquisition Terminal Evaluation Module. This high-performance platform from Texas Instruments enables signal conditioning and processor evaluation at high temperature levels and consists of a complete signal chain of components that are all qualified and characterized for -55 °C to 210 °C operation with 1,000 hour operating life. It expedites the development process, so that systems targeted at high-temperature environments can be created quickly without having to screen off-the-shelf devices for temperature ranges outside their datasheet specifications.

Each HEAT EVM has a ADS1278-HT four-channel simultaneous sampling 24-bit 128 kSamples/s analogue-to-digital converter (ADC), an SM470R1B1M-HT ARM7-based microcontroller unit, an OPA211-HT low-noise operational amplifier IC, an OPA2333-HT low power zero-drift series operational amplifier IC, an INA333-HT zero drift instrumentation amplifier IC, an THS4521-HT fully differential amplifier IC, an REF5025-HT 2.5 V precision voltage reference, a SN65HVD233-HT CAN transceiver device and a SN65HVD11-HT RS485 transceiver device. These modules’ rugged construction is further underlined by use of PCBs made with polyimide material as well as high temperature-rated passive components and solder material.

The signal chain presents engineers with up to eight channels of analogue data, six channels dedicated for connection with temperature sensors, pressure sensors and accelerometers and two general purpose channels (one being fully differential and the other single ended).

The HEAT EVM kit offered by Arrow Electronics includes the HEAT EVM module, a low temperature sensor board, cabling and RS485 serial communications software. As part of Arrow’s TestDrive programme, it is available for a 28-day, free of charge evaluation – making it one of the highest value items included in this programme.

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Design Engineers Technology Site Featuring Harsh Environments

Mouser has today announced to the industry the launch of its new technology site on featuring Harsh Environments. The new site contains technical information that aids design engineers’ thought process in developing and designing new solutions that meet the most stringent, rigorous operating conditions.

While electronic components are primarily designed for stable, controlled environments, the real world often dictates extreme conditions. For example, dust, water, and even corrosive atmospheres occasionally factor into the design and present other challenges that push components to the “Nth” degree.

The high temperature of downhole applications is a huge challenge to electronic components. Temperatures upwards of 200°C are not uncommon and even exceed the melting point of some solders. Driven by our endless quest for natural resources and energy, it’s an area that exemplifies continual advancement and remains a key focus for downhole engineers worldwide.

Other areas covered are the IP Code (IEC 60529) and NEMA Type Number (NEMA 250). These ratings designate the various types and degrees of protection afforded to electrical equipment by a housing or enclosure against water, dust, corrosive agents, and more. In addition, the site provides extra resources to help spearhead design development such as in-depth industry articles, white papers and a comprehensive library of technical resources that can be reviewed by topic or supplier. A Featured Products guide and user-friendly graphical interface are designed to speed navigation. Engineers can quickly navigate to products and information based on defined parameters and design requirements.

Kevin Hess, Mouser Vice President of Technical Marketing, adds, “The rationale behind our Technology sites is to educate, help narrow the list of products, and find the right products for their design projects. Applications that fall in the Harsh Environments category, especially downhole, require robust, reliable components capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, intense vibration, water, and more. Our goal is to help transform knowledge into design know-how – all with the simple click of a mouse.”

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Digi-Key and Olimex Announce Global Distribution Agreement

Digi-Key and Olimex today announced the two companies have signed a global distribution agreement.Digikey-Olimex

“Olimex has a strong following in the engineering community,” said Mark Zack, Digi-Key’s Vice President of Global Semiconductor Product. “By adding Olimex to Digi-Key’s line card, we can now offer a wider range of development boards for our global customers’ engineering needs.”

Olimex is recognized as an approved Third Party Hardware Developer by Atmel, Freescale, Microchip, NXP, STMicroelectronics, and Texas Instruments. All designs made by Olimex are created with Design-For-Manufacturing in mind which guarantees that they are optimized for reliability and provide cost-effective solutions for customers.

“Digi-Key adds safe hands in delivering Olimex products to design engineers worldwide,” said Tsvetan Usunov, Olimex. “Teaming with Digi-Key instantly extends our reach into the engineering design community by making our products available through their Dynamic Catalog and global websites.”

Olimex development boards for Atmel, Freescale, Microchip, NXP, STMicroelectronics, and Texas Instruments are now available for purchase on Digi-Key’s global websites.

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