element14 today announced that the Freescale Freedom hardware for Kinetis KL25 MCUs is available for same-day shipping through element14, the first distributor to stock it globally prior to the official market launch later this month. Five engineers have been selected for a special “Preview Roadtest” of this innovative platform.

These five design engineers are among the element14 community’s top participants and come from the US, Australia and the UK. Initial Roadtest reviews can now be seen on the element14 community at http://www.element14.com/preview-roadtest and more of their evaluations and thoughts about potential uses of the platform will continue over the next month. Everyone in the global engineering community is invited to join the discussion and pose questions to the testers and to a Freescale engineer from this site.
The cost-effective Freescale Freedom development platform is based on the Kinetis KL25 family, that combines the energy-efficiency and ease of use of the new ARM® Cortex™-M0+ processor with the performance attributes of the Kinetis 32-bit MCU portfolio.

“The element14 community itself represents a unique design ecosystem, offering a comprehensive suite of design solutions and resources to help designers easily adopt new technologies like the Kinetis L series,” said Dianne Kibbey, head of community, Premier Farnell. “Roadtest is one of most popular community resources, and we’re particularly pleased to be able to be the first to offer reviews and the product itself before the official launch later this month.”
Detailed technical information, development tools and supported ecosystem partners for the platform can be found on the Knode, element14’s proprietary online technical library and engineering research tool.

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