Anvo-Systems Dresden, a specialist in non-volatile memory products, has signed a distribution agreement with ViMOS Technologies. The aim of this agreement is to further increase market penetration of the advanced nvSRAM technologies supplied from Germany and provide customers with even better local design-in support. ViMOS Technologies, which operates throughout Europe, specialises in the fields of automotive and industrial applications.

Dr. Stefan Günther, Managing Director, Anvo-Systems Dresden, says: “With ViMOS we strengthen our international sales network to further boost our rapidly growing business. From individual components to complete systems, our new distribution partner supports its customers throughout Europe to implement their solutions. In particular, our highly reliable nvSRAMs are especially suited for the automotive and industrial markets, which ViMOS mainly focuses its activities on. Our nvSRAMs ensure security and integrity of all stored data in a wide variety of applications.”

Axel Krepil, Managing Director, ViMOS Technologies, responds: “At ViMOS we are very pleased to be appointed by Anvo-Systems Dresden to distribute their nvSRAMs. The innovative strength, product quality and memory technology provided from Germany are absolutely convincing for us and we expect a lot from this cooperation.”

In recent months, Anvo-Systems Dresden has continuously expanded its distribution network in Europe and the US. In central Europe, Anvo-Systems Dresden is already represented by SIMOS Elektronik Vertriebs in Dachau near Munich, DACOM West in Haan near Düsseldorf and Endrich Baulemente Vertriebs in Nagold near Stuttgart.

Anvo-Systems’ non-volatile memory products ensure storage of all data in the case of an unforeseeable power drop or, if desired, at any time when initiated by a command. In addition to the Internet of Things (IoT), applications include servers, medical, industrial automation, measurement technology, building automation and smart metering systems.



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