TTI has won FCI’s European Distributor of the Year award for 2013. Excellence on a raft of factors clinched the honours for TTI. These include POS growth, the number and value of new designs, the growth of number of customers and stock levels of new products, as well as the ease of doing business, including the quality and contemporary feedback from Marketing, Supply Chain, Branch Product Managers and Sales.
Commented Michael Clarner, Director Distribution EMEA at FCI: “With this award we honour TTI with the highest European award. We are very happy with TTI’s overall performance and the great partnership we have with them at all levels. Local relationships and engagement are well above average in our distribution network. We are very confident that we will continue our shared success story and will become even better in the future.”
“We are delighted to receive this award from FCI and we are very pleased with the success we have achieved with FCI’s product line. It is a pleasure doing business with FCI and we look forward to further success in the years to come,” remarks Ronald Velda, Director Supplier Marketing Connectors and Emech at TTI Europe.
Good connection: l to r Glyn Dennehy, Senior Vice President and General Manager, TTI Europe, Mirko Junke, Director Product Marketing Connectors and Emech, TTI Europe, Michael Clarner, Director Distribution EMEA, FCI, Markus Trowe, Corporate Product Manager Connectors, TTI Europe, Ronald Velda, Director Supplier Marketing Connectors and Emech, TTI Europe and Henning Vogelsang, Vice President and General Manager Electronics Europe, FCI


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