Low Power Radio Solutions (LPRS) has taken its first step into the specialist distribution sector by appointing independent Alpha Micro Components as exclusive UK volume distributor and added value partner for its new low-cost easyRadio Integrated Controller (eRIC) range for easy connection to the Internet of Things.
Barry Gillibrand, Managing Director of LPRS, said, “Alpha Micro is LPRS’ first UK specialist distributor. Whilst we need broad line distributors to stock our products we also need companies like Alpha Micro with its wealth of knowledge in wireless applications to assist design engineers in choosing the right solution for their projects. Alpha Micro’s team will be working closely with us to identify applications where ease of integration and time-to-market are essential customer requirements.”
Suitable for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications, eRIC provides Internet of Things (IoT) system builders with secure over-air transmission and an AES 128 bit data encryption option.
Now available with operating frequencies for World Markets, the LPRS eRIC module is just half the size and half the cost of the easyRadio range and can be set by users to operate in a number of low power modes offering current consumption as low as 32µA.
The advanced design of this transceiver uses system on chip (SOC) technology, removing the need for an external processor. The on-board processor memory is partitioned, giving half to the easyRadio configurable settings and communication software and leaving the rest available for design engineers to add their own application code. Code can be written using industry standard tools and a quick-to-learn API (application programming interface). This partitioned memory design often eliminates the need for an additional microcontroller, saving cost, space and power.

Christos Papakyriacou, Managing Director, Alpha Micro Components, commented, “LPRS has a great pedigree in the UK for developing and manufacturing highly effective low-power radio modules. The company has made it really easy for engineers to use its technology. Their whole approach is to make it simple. Partnering with LPRS will allow us to fill a gap in our portfolio for easy to use low-power radio modules in the ISM band.”


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