A supercapacitor module from Eaton that delivers high reliability, high power and ultra-high capacitance energy storage is available now at TTI. Utilising electrochemical double-layer capacitor (EDLC) construction, the Eaton XLR-48 supercapacitor module can be used as a sole energy source or in combination with batteries to optimise cost, lifetime and run time.

With ultra-low ESR for high power density, the XLR-48 offers design lifetime up to 20 years, with millions of charge/discharge cycles throughout the life of the application.

Physical features of the XLR-48 include its heavy duty metal housing, which is robust and suitable for high vibration, high current uses.  An IP65 rating means the device is water jet washable.

An industry-standard form factor enables easy integration into multiple applications.  The XLR-48 is manufactured using environmentally-friendly materials for a green power solution.

Thanks to its wide operating temperature range, the Eaton XLR-48 supercapacitor energy storage device suits a wide range of environments and types of installation location, including: hybrid and EVs; grid storage; commercial vehicles (trucks, mining equipment, construction vehicles); underground rail and marine applications.



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