Ametherm says that Mouser Electronics is now stocking the company’s SURGE-GARD of NTC inrush current limiting thermistors, which Ametherm acquired from RTI Electronics in 2013.
Manufactured in Ametherm’s Carson City, Nevada, facility, SURGE-GARD series devices, available from Mouser Electronics, are capable of handling high steady-state currents to 36 A and input energy to 250 J. Available in multiple leaded package options with maximum diameters from 7.6 mm to 31.75 mm, the components offer resistance at +25 °C (R25) from 0.4 Ω to 220 Ω with tolerances down to ±10%, maximum operating voltage to 265 VRMS, and beta from 3000 °K to 3965 °K.
Constructed of specially formulated metal oxide ceramic materials, RoHS-2- and REACH-compliant SURGE-GARD thermistors are optimised for a wide variety of applications that require inrush current limiting to reduce noise and circuit failure — including switching power supplies, AC motors, motor drives, audio amplifiers, and battery chargers. In these applications, the devices lower rectifier costs by reducing the required peak forward-surge-current rating.
“The SURGE-GARD series has represented an industry standard for circuit protection since 1971,” said Andy Kerr, Mouser vice president of passives. “We couldn’t be more excited that the line has found a home with Ametherm, who will continue to manufacture the popular devices in the US, allowing us to keep them in stock and readily available for our customers.”
“We are proud to have acquired the SURGE-GARD line and to make these components available to meet the demand from Mouser’s customers,” said Mehdi Samii, vice president of engineering at Ametherm. “Furthermore, we will continue to manufacture these products with the same metal oxide mixtures that have produced the high-quality thermistors the industry has come to rely on for all these years.”


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