CISSOID, the Belgium-based supplier of high-temperature and extended lifetime semiconductor solutions, has signed an extensive distribution agreement in China with Shanghai NWK Electronic Technology.
In addition to its distribution activity, NWK is expert in the silicon carbide (SiC) and sapphire materials and technologies, from substrate to component level, serving primarily the industrial and transportation markets in China. This expertise, combined with CISSOID’s own technology and portfolio of products, form a unique offering. The resulting synergies will include: HADES technology for isolated gate drivers dedicated to SiC power switches; high temperature SiC MOSFET; or high-temperature signal conditioners for SiC sensing elements, for example.
Tony Denayer, CISSOID’s CEO explained: “Industrial and transport applications are a growing market and China is extremely active on the innovation front. In power applications such as next generation electric vehicles, or in multi 100kW’s converters for train or aviation, NWK and CISSOID offer today’s most advanced solutions combining high power density, best-in-class lifetime and extreme temperature operations. We were impressed with NWK’s knowledge of their market and their technological expertise, and this partnership will create exciting business opportunities.”
Wenqing Zhong, General Manager at NWK said: “We were impressed with CISSOID’s advanced technologies and expertise in high temperature semiconductor solutions. With this new agreement, we look forward to creating a bright future and contributing to Chinese industrial progress and evolution”.
CISSOID has a strong portfolio of semiconductor products and evaluation kits such as high-temperature isolated gate drivers and high-voltage SiC MOSFET switches. Other products include DC-DC converters and linear voltage regulators, power driver ICs, general-purpose ICs and discrete components.


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