Symmetry Electronics has announced a new distribution agreement with HDBaseT Alliance co-founder, Valens Semiconductor. Valens Semiconductor pioneered the development of HDBaseT technology and currently offers several chipset options which enable long-reach connectivity of devices over a single standard CAT5e/6 LAN cable. Valens’ HDBaseT products compile the transmission of uncompressed HD video, high quality audio, power (PoH), Ethernet and control signals (CEC, RS-232, USB and IR) allowing a network of sources to be connected directly to multi-display locations. HDBaseT is fast becoming the new, global standard for advanced digital media distribution targeting applications which include point-to-point connectivity, whole home networking, digital signage and hospitality.

The Valens HDBaseT offering consists of two complementary chips, a transmitter chip and a receiver chip. The transmitter chip is implemented in the HD source device and the receiver chip is implemented in the HD sink device enabling 5Play. Through its 5Play feature set, Valens provides an all-in-one solution for transferring multimedia content, creating a robust HD ecosystem at a very low cost without compromising on quality. Valens HDBaseT Rx/Tx chips deliver smooth, crisp uncompressed ultra-high definition video in up to 4K effective resolutions and fully support all 3D video standards as well as high quality audio in any standard digital format. Valens has also made available an HDBaseT Evaluation kit used to demonstrate HDBaseT capabilities with a Sink board and Source board that form an HDBaseT link to enable simplified, long-reach, wired connectivity of uncompressed HD multimedia content, Ethernet, controls and power over a single standard CAT5e (or superior) cable.

“Symmetry has a solid reputation of delivering high-tech semiconductor products to various emerging markets in the US. This new Valens-Symmetry partnership will accelerate the growth of the ecosystem for HDBaseT-enabled products” said Eliran Toren, vice president of sales, Valens. “Valens certainly stands out as a founding member of the HDBaseT alliance. Additionally for Symmetry, Valens products are a synergistic sell when combined with products such as HDMI processors from Silicon Image, video processors from VIXS, Fujitsu or AMD and Silvertel’s industry leading PoE/PoH products,” said Gil Zaharoni, chief executive officer of Symmetry Electronics. “Our focused line card and collaborative effort between suppliers will allow us to fully support the transition from existing technology to HDBaseT in any design.”

Symmetry Electronics and have Valens Semiconductor products in stock. For engineers looking to implement HDBaseT into a new or existing design, an HDBaseT evaluation kit (EVSBVS1) is available and includes all of the necessary HDBaseT components.

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