Farnell element14 announces it will stock the VT02 Visual IR Thermometer from Fluke which is revolutionising temperature measurements with thermal blending.

The VT02 exists in the new tool category for Visual IR Thermometers and works by taking a visual image and applying a thermal heat map over the image thus displaying an image with both temperature and visual contextual content.

The VT02 offers five key benefits over other temperature measurement devices:
• Ability to view visual image of exactly what is being measured giving an accurate temperature measurements
• Eliminates the task of taking multiple grid temperature readings manually by providing one blended image
• Near mode allows the user to get as close as 6 inches to allow close up blended images supporting diagnosis. Blended images allow simultaneous tracking of both hot and cold
• Little or no training is required due to compact and intelligent, focus free and built in intelligence
• The thermometer simultaneously saves thermal heat map data and visual images to an included MicroSD card, which can be viewed in SmartView software to produce reports for your customer highlighting areas of concern.

The VT02 thermometer will be useful in the following industries:
• Electrical – inspection of wiring and potential overloaded circuits
• HVAC Refrigeration – inspections on ducts, blowers and motor assemblies
• Industrial – preventative maintenance on motors, bearings or electrical systems
• Automotive – troubleshooting engines, brakes and heating / cooling systems
• Property Management and remodelers – installing in floor heating systems and basic temperature inspections.

Chris Godfrey, MRO Segment Manager at Farnell element14, said: “The VT02 is a really exciting development for us as it combines the convenience of a spot thermometer with the visual advantage of a thermal imager. We are constantly developing our product range in the sector to make it easier for our customers to find all the products they need from one distributor. You can watch our Google Hangout where Alan Thomson, Global Sales Director from Fluke, discusses the uses of the product with various vertical sector and technical representatives.”

Alan Thomson, Global Sales Director for Fluke, said: “This is an industry breakthrough as it’s the first product that bridges the gap between a spot temperature gun and a thermal imaging camera. For the first time contractors can have the advantage of a thermal array heat map at an affordable price.”

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