Digi-Key Corporation Announces Stock on NXP Semiconductor’s Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

Electronic components distributor Digi-Key Corporation, recognized by design engineers as having the industry’s broadest selection of electronic components available for immediate shipment, announced today it has stock on NXP Semiconductor‘s energy-efficient lighting solutions.

NXP’s CFL, SSL, HID and TL lighting solutions are available for purchase on Digi-Key’s global websites. Additionally, they are featured in Digi-Key’s print and online catalogs.

While the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), the most familiar energy-saving lighting option to consumers, has been available for years, consumers have often been dissatisfied with the variable quality, long warm-up time preceding full brightness, and the CFL’s incompatibility with dimmer switches. Now, these issues can be addressed by switching from existing discrete control solutions to NXP’s proven IC solutions that significantly reduce start-up times, enable deep dimming at high efficiency, and extend lamp lifetimes.

With the revolutionary promise of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), NXP is the first semiconductor company capable of demonstrating that its LED drivers match LED lifetimes. Small, highly integrated, and highly efficient, these drivers support the majority of available dimmers (TRIAC and transistor) and are ideal for small form-factor applications with closed casings.

In addition to integrated CFL and SSL controllers, NXP provides small form-factor IC solutions that cover traditional TL lighting and the latest High Intensity Discharge (HID) or Xenon lamps for projectors and automotive applications.

Digi-Key Corporation focuses on providing customers with superior service, which includes product selection and availability, on-time delivery, and responsiveness. Using leading-edge processes and state-of-the-art technologies, Digi-Key serves a global customer base from its 600,000 square foot facility in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, USA.

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