Acal-bfishibaurahiACAL BFi have signed a new distribution agreement with thermistor manufacturer, Shibaura. The new agreement adds the Nordic territories and extends the franchise agreement throughout Europe.

Under the new agreement, Acal BFi will sell and provide specialist technical support on Shibaura’s NTC temperature sensors and customised thermistor probes which are used in a wide range of applications such as home appliances, medical, industrial and HVAC.

ACAL BFi Business Development Director for Sensors, Walther Van Puijvelde, explains; “ACAL BFI’s strategy is to develop a linecard which gives every customer throughout Europe access to specialist technical support and assembly services on best-in-class components from leading manufacturers. We have already helped customers in automotive and consumer applications to use Shibaura products to solve their design challenges and we will now be able to extend this capability to all of our customers.”

For Shibaura, General Manager/International Operations, Shuichi Watanabe, added, “Acal-BFI’s expertise in supporting complete probe solutions compliments Shibaura’s flexibility in manufacturing these products.”

The Shibaura glass-sealed PSB (Pellet Shaped Bead) NTC thermistors are used for measurement and control of temperatures ranging from +50 to +1000 degrees Centigrade. The thermistors feature a fine ceramic chip which provides high stability, glass sealing for high heat resistivity and mechanical endurance and small physical dimensions for a fast response time.

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