farnell_packagingFarnell, the leading multi-channel distributor of electronic and industrial components, now offers specialised packaging and handling procedures for products that are sensitive to moisture. The announcement benefits customers using the affected products as the new processes remove the costly and time consuming need to ‘bake’ components before use.

Initially the procedures will apply to approximately 2,500 parts with a further 4,500 other relevant devices being phased-in over the coming months. The packaging used by Farnell can be resealed allowing continued safe storage if not all the components contained are immediately required.

Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) provides a standard for the time period in which a moisture sensitive device can be exposed to ambient room conditions before sufficient moisture has been absorbed to create a situation where damage to the product could occur. The expansion of trapped moisture can result in separation of the plastic from the die or lead-frame, wire bond damage, die damage, and internal cracks during flow or wave soldering production techniques.

“The implementation of MSL packaging and procedures provides real benefit to our customers,” said Justin Willoughby, Head of Service, Farnell Europe. “The reassurance of knowing that the moisture sensitive devices they receive from Farnell have been suitably handled and protected, along with the time and cost savings achieved by not having to bake parts is significant.”

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