16-bit performance at 8-bit prices

Mouser - TI Value line-wMouser Electronics, Inc., known for its rapid introduction of the newest products, today announced it is stocking the new Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) MSP430™ Value Line family of ultra-low cost 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs).

The TI ultra-low power MSP430™ MCU Value Line offers superior 16-bit MCU performance and industry-leading ultra-low power consumption for cost sensitive applications that have traditionally depended on low-cost 8-bit microcontrollers. TI MSP430G2x01, MSP430G2x11, MSP430G2x21, and MSP430G2x31 Value Line MCUs ensure 8-bit developers no longer need to sacrifice performance, power efficiency, or scalability because of price. The TI MSP430 MCU Value Line series is an ideal fit for a broad range of cost-sensitive applications, including safety and security, low-cost touch pads, remote controls, and intelligent sensors. The TI MSP430G2x01, MSP430G2x21, and MSP430G2x31 include a built-in 16-bit timer and 10 I/O pins. The MSP430G2x11adds an on-chip comparator, while the MSP430G2x31 provides an on-chip 10-bit ADC and built-in communication capability using synchronous protocols.

The MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad experimenter board is a complete USB-based development and experimenter tool providing everything you need to launch your own MSP430 MCU Value Line applications.

Mike Scott, Mouser Vice President of Active Products, is confident about the TI Value Line’s ability to fill the cost and performance requirements of engineers’ prototyping with MCUs and give them an advantage over low-cost 8-bit MCUs. Scott says, “The Texas Instruments’ MSP430 MCU Value Line blurs the line between low price and high performance, yet remains compatible across the MSP430 platform.”

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