Mouser Electronics has signed a global distribution agreement and partnership with DAVE Embedded Systems — a supplier of miniaturised Systems on Modules (SOMs) and other hardware and software embedded solutions for Linux, Windows and Android platforms.
The distributor is currently stocking DAVE Embedded Systems’ leading SOMs and CPU modules based on ARM architectures. These modules are supported by both high-end and entry-level models and development tools, targeting medical, industrial, defence, telecommunications and automotive applications.
The SOM product line features modules and evaluation tools from its popular AXEL, BORA, DIDO and DIVA families, all based on Systems on Chips (SOCs) from Freescale, Xilinx, or Texas Instruments.
The AXEL LITE is a single/dual/quad core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU module based on the Freescale i.MX6 application processor. The rugged AXEL LITE module is supported by the XELK-L-S evaluation board.
The DIDO and DIVA families use Texas Instruments’ high-end processors. The DIDO, part of the ULTRA line of boards, is a ready-to-use, small form factor CPU module based on the Texas Instruments TMS320DM8148 high-performance processor. The DIVA module is based on the Texas Instruments AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 application processor, and offers extensive graphics, processing and industrial interface options.
The agreement bolsters Mouser Electronics’ selection of compact Systems on Modules (SOMs) that supply all the key components of the system (CPU, RAM, PSU, flash memories and peripherals). This allows developers to concentrate on differentiating their products by focusing only on the design of the host board and the application.


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