Cobham AvComm, formerly a division of Aeroflex and manufacturer of advanced test solutions for military and commercial aviation, along with military and commercial radio test solutions has signed Integrated Procurement Technologies (IPT) as a Global Stocking Distributor Partner. This new stocking agreement allows IPT to stock and sell pre-determined items globally.

Cobham AvComm cited IPT’s sales, service, and support service worldwide for the choice. IPT provides a one-stop solution that includes sales, ITAR compliance, and customer support to the military and commercial international market space. This capability has been available to IPT’s international customers for many years, across multiple markets, while also providing multi-lingual support.

“We are excited to be able to offer the Cobham AvComm Avionics and Radio Test Set systems to IPT’s existing customers. Their legacy of reliable service and support now can be provided to new Cobham AvComm customers worldwide,” said Bill Martin, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Customer Support for Cobham AvComm.

IPT OEM Business Manager Rich Cain stated, “This agreement marks a significant milestone in the partnership between Cobham Avcomm and IPT. We appreciate that Cobham Avcomm continues to recognize the unique value proposition that IPT offers. We look forward to expanding our longstanding business relationship.”

As part of their strategic commitment to Cobham AvComm, IPT has made the commitment to become a Stocking Distributor of Cobham AvComm products. With IPT stocking Cobham AvComm Avionics and LMR Radio Test Sets, IPT can provide immediate shipment of units from their in-house inventory directly to international customers.


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