MCU family features on-chip USB, Ethernet, CAN, and encryption

mcf5225x_signature_graphic-wMouser Electronics, Inc., known for its rapid introduction of the newest products, today announced it is stocking the Freescale Semiconductor MCF5225x family of ColdFire® Microcontrollers. Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors.

The ColdFire MCF5225x family of microcontrollers is supported by complementary and ready-to-go Freescale MQX™ RTOS, software stacks, training resources, and a suite of third party solutions. The Freescale MCF5225x MCU consists of a RISC microprocessor based on the V2 ColdFire core that operates at a frequency up to 80 MHz. The family’s on-chip memories include up to 512 KB of Flash memory and 64KB of SRAM.

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