Anglia signs new power line

s0401an-anglia-franchise-agreement-with-maxwellAnglia is strengthening its support of automatic meter reading, green energy and other expanding power markets with the announcement of a new a franchise agreement with Maxwell Technology, developer of the award winning Ultracapacitor energy storage and power delivery technology.

According to Maarten van der Reijden, Maxwell Technologies’ Business Partner Manager, the appointment was down to the strength of Anglia’s technical support. “Ultracapacitor is an innovative technology on a fast growth ramp. We’re looking for a distributor who could partner with us to identify opportunities where this technology can make a real difference to customer’s designs. Anglia offers a very strong technical focus and fits that profile exactly.”

The signing nicely complements existing Anglia franchises in the power and energy markets, believes, John Bowman, Anglia’s Divisional Marketing Manager. “Maxwell Technologies’ products fit perfectly within our power portfolio, and complement our activities within the consumer, industrial, and renewable energy markets. Their technology has great potential on projects that we’re already aware of and will equally appeal to new customers. Maxwell is seeing 60-70% growth on this product line, we are extremely excited at the opportunity to work with them and expand the market for their technology.” He added, “Their products are ideal for any application requiring a short burst of high power.”

The award winning Ultracapacitors, available in single cells, or multi-cell packs, from 10 Farads to thousands of Farads, bring new levels of efficiency and power to everything from consumer electronics to hybrid cars and renewable energy sources.

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