Master Distributors, a leading distributor of electromechanical, interconnect, and passive components, announces that it carries a broad selection of TE’s Corcom standard power entry modules and power line filters. TE offers over 300 solutions for EMI/RFI problems associated with susceptibility, as well as compliance with international emissions standards.
Master Distributors has been a key distributor of Corcom products for over 20 years. Among the Corcom products that Master carries are the new HZ, SB, and CU Series that are designed to meet industry trends such as demand for high-efficiency systems and smaller product sizes.

The Corcom HZ Series provides the highest amperage of power line filters designed for medical applications such as ultrasound, patient monitoring and surgical, therapeutic and interventional procedures. These power line filters can also be used in industrial applications with ground fault interrupters. The performance related to the small footprint of the devices is unique, being approximately 40% smaller than most competitive power line filters. The small size of the filters increases the available space on the panel or box.

The Corcom SB Series is one of the smallest on the market, yet provides very strong insertion loss performance and has a DC rating of 250 Volts DC. The compact height of only 1.53” (38.86mm) makes them ideal for a range of applications from communications and medical to aerospace and defense. The line also includes low-leakage versions that meet VDE standards for portable equipment and non-patient care equipment.
The Corcom CU Series of filtered and unfiltered power entry modules includes smaller sizes for rack mount equipment and other applications with panel space constraints. These modules offer fast installation by eliminating the need for soldered connections with quick connect terminals. Their high system efficiency works well for applications with power or cooling limitations.
“Master Distributors is glad to provide its customers with a broad selection of high quality Corcom filter products,” said Georgia Bevente, Supplier Business Manager at Master Distributors. “We look forward to continuing our long-standing partnership in the future.”


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