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Solid State Supplies has introduced a new cutting-edge Marine AIS Search and Rescue Transmitter (SART) baseband processor. CML Microcircuits’ CMX7045 is a highly integrated and flexible device that employs a 9600 baud GMSK modem for the transmission of formatted AIS data.

In addition to providing the core AIS-SART formatted data functionality, the CMX7045 incorporates a number of auxiliary operations that assist in the overall system implementation and reduce component count and cost. These include: PA Ramp automation, ADC for battery monitoring, system PLL clocks and four DAC outputs for general purpose and visual indicator use. Engineered for total reliability, the CMX7045 is manufactured using CML Microcircuits’ FirmASIC® technology to fully meet IEC 61097-14 standards, and provides outstanding performance, very low power operation and the fastest time-to-market for the designer.

To further support its applications as a marine safety device, the CMX7045 offers low power sleep modes to ensure maximum safety-battery life and is available in small 48pin VQFN/LQFP packages.


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