Gleichmann Electronics now offers the new 9.0-inch (23 cm) LCD module, part number NL192108AC10-01D, from NLT Technologies. The new display module features ultra-wide viewing angles of 176 degrees horizontally and vertically, high luminance of 400 cd/m2 and full high-definition resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

With support for FHD resolution, an exceptionally high pixel density of 245 pixels per inch and a 103.5 µm pixel pitch, the new LCD module provides high resolution in a mid size amorphous-silicon TFT colour LCD. Furthermore, the use of NLT’s proprietary Super Fine TFT technology — one of the company’s core technologies comparable to In-Plane Switching technology — reduces colour shift that may occur with changes in the viewing angle.

The combination of high resolution, high pixel density and ultra-wide viewing angles allows the 9.0-inch FHD LCD module to display information, including microscopic patterns, quickly, precisely and without visual stress in a variety of viewing angles in either portrait or landscape orientation. At the same time, the display provides high quality moving images, high luminance, a wide colour gamut, high transmissivity as well as clear and vivid colour reproduction. These features are key requirements for use in preview monitoring and for verification of broadcasting equipment as well as in high-end display applications such as portable medical diagnostic imaging equipment.

Furthermore, the new 9.0-inch FHD LCD module achieves a wide colour gamut of 72 percent (NTSC ratio), nearly equivalent to the European Broadcasting Union standard. This produces high quality colour video images that can be confirmed through a viewfinder equipped with the display. Thanks to its form factor, the LCD module can also be used in 19 inch standard rack broadcasting studio equipment, which allows use of two displays with maximum of 9 inches diagonal.

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