It was an extra strong idea – and now a brilliant reality. Put all the components needed to create simple electronic projects into a tin that fits into the palm of your hand. Add instructions. The result? Minty Geek.

Minty Geek is a refreshingly new concept that puts the fun back into building circuits and working with electronic components. If you have always wanted to understand what resistors, capacitors and LEDs actually do, and have the satisfaction of having made something using those components, the Minty Geek series is for you. Dr Mark Brickley, the brains behind the idea, explains what inspired him: ‘I have always had an interest in electronics and mints and thought what better way to make a living than combining the two?’

The Minty Geek Electronics Lab 101 kit is now available from Rapid Electronics – containing all the components required to build three different projects: a cookie jar alarm, lie detector and egg timer. The components – including transistors, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, relays, switches, speakers and battery connector – are labeled for easy identification. No soldering is needed – the kit includes a breadboard in which all components can be inserted.

Other kits are coming soon to Rapid – giving members of the Minty Geek community the chance to develop their skills and understanding. The kits are ideal for educational use and fantastic for complete beginners. In fact the one thing you don’t have to be is a geek – but you may feel like one when you see your biscuit jar alarm, lie detector or egg timer in action.

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