Farnell has added three new designs of LED lighting connectors to the range of products it offers from interconnection specialist JAE. The agreement between the two companies, which includes an exclusivity period of six months, will see Farnell become the first European distributor to stock the ES3 series.

Offered in a choice of PCB card edge (Cableless), wire-to-board (cable insertion), and discrete wire clamp formats, the ES3 series provides an efficient method of achieving interconnections between LED mounting PCBs and other circuitry in LED module designs. All three connector formats are manufactured from a durable high temperature resin and are designed for surface mounting.

With a low-profile mounted height of just 1.6mm, ES3 LED lighting connectors are well-suited to space constrained designs. By allowing a cableless design, both the number of parts required and the time to complete assembly can be reduced. ES3 LED lighting connectors are rated to 1A and have an operating temperature range of -40 º C to +105 º C.

The new connectors complement the wide range of solid state lighting products already stocked by Farnell and featured, along with comprehensive supporting information, on the company’s Lighting Solutions microsite.

Visit http://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-37099 for further details.

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