The Yamaichi range of Y-So14 connectors has been expanded at Cyntech Components. Additional connector sizes provide for cables with cross-sectional area from 4 to 6mm2. The range of MC-4 compatible connectors is designed for field assembly, without the need for a crimping tool, simply by screwing the two parts of the connector together.

The MC-4 is a single-contact, in-line format male/female connector defined by its 4mm diameter contact pin and receptacle. Commonly used to connect photovoltaic panels, these connectors feature a high current, high voltage specification combined with a sealed design. Cost pressure in the photovoltaic industry has resulted in a move to cables with thinner outer diameters with lower material costs and Yamaichi has responded to this trend by developing new connectors in its Y-Sol4 range to support cables with cross sections of 4 to 6mm² and outer diameters of 4.5 to 6.1mm.

As well as the new connectors for thinner cables, Cyntech can supply the existing Yamaichi Y-Sol4 connectors for outer cable diameters from 6.1 to 7.6mm. There are also versions to suit cables with smaller cross sections, from 1.5 to 3.5mm2. All the Y-Sol4 connectors are sealed designs with ingress protection to IP68 level, a TÜV rating of 1000V and a current rating up to 47A, subject only to the cable’s current handling capacity.


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