Cyntech Components has availability of the new Y-Circ P connector series from Yamaichi Electronics. This metal-bodied circular connector design is mechanically and electrically compatible with industry comparable standard connectors but offers a significant space-saving advantage by being 11mm shorter in overall length than competitive solutions.

The Y-Circ P connector has a push-pull locking mechanism and is intended for applications requiring frequent connection and disconnection so has a specified endurance of greater than 5000 cycles. Electrically, its gold-plated brass contacts are rated with a maximum contact resistance of 5mΩ and the chromed-brass metal connector housings provide shielding of >75dB at 10MHz and >55bD at 1GHz. Easy and efficient assembly is ensured by a design that prevents the connector from being closed if parts are mounted incorrectly.

The Y-Circ P is a rugged connector suitable for use in harsh environments over an operating temperature range from -40oC to +120oC with humidity up to 95% at 60oC. The connector is also specified with an ingress protection rating of IP50 and a resistance to salt spray corrosion testing in excess of 144 hours. The Y-Circ P is also a mechanically robust connector that is resistant to vibration and shock (tested at 10-2000Hz, 15g and 100g, 6ms respectively).


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