Conrad Electronic will target MRO buyers on its Conrad Sourcing Platform by offering a selection of about 375,000 products and a range of comprehensive services specifically aimed at the sector.

“Our exhaustive range of products and services makes sure our B2B customers get the complete package,” explains Helmut Müller who looks after Building Service products at Conrad Electronic. “Our sourcing platform allows customers to manage all orders easily and in one place. This includes product search, fast delivery services and everything in between. It goes without saying that we continually update our product range, to meet our customers’ needs. When it comes to building service supplies, we presently focus on electrical wiring and digital networks.”

Conrad says that this doesn’t exclude current hot topics such as electromobility.

New funding opportunities and technological progress mean the number of electric vehicles is on the rise, with regard to both individual transport and across the commercial haulage, logistics and trade sector.

Proper vehicle charging infrastructure has become one of the key elements of building services.

The Conrad Sourcing Platform covers the entire spectrum, including wall charging pods, mobile charging stations, cables and adapters, charger controllers, and a wide range of accessories, thereby catering for electrical contractors and in-house service engineers alike.

One of the most recent innovations across the building services sector is using drones to detect, record and assess damage to buildings and plant. It eliminates hiring expensive man lifts, putting up complex scaffolding, or calling in engineers qualified for working at heights.

UAVs are an easy way to inspect premises and hard-to-reach places from above. Camera sensors, video recording and thermal imaging enable a fast and effortless damage assessment from a safe distance, taking building and plant inspections to an entirely new level.

Conrad emphasises that it will continue as a trusted supplier of electrical wiring, digital networks and IT infrastructure, alarm and security systems and lighting for the workplace as well as tailored services for B2B customers.

In addition, the Conrad Connect IoT platform is curating a fast-growing ecosystem that comprises over 130 well-known brands.

Companies use the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to provide their customers with straightforward solutions, and to develop new digital business models across sectors such as energy management, e-mobility, manufacturing, retail and facility management.


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